Ph.D. Thesis

Convex Methods for Approximate Dynamic Programming

A. Keshavarz.


Quadratic Approximate Dynamic Programming for Input-Affine Systems

A. Keshavarz and S. Boyd.

Imputing a Convex Objective Function

A. Keshavarz, Y. Wang, and S. Boyd.

A distributed algorithm for fitting generalized additive models

E. Chu, A. Keshavarz, S. Boyd.

Moving horizon estimation for staged QP problems

E. Chu, A. Keshavarz, D. Gorinevsky, and S. Boyd.

Bubble clustering: Set covering via union of ellipses

M. Kraning, A. Keshavarz, L. Zhao.

Finding the Maximally-Connected k-subgraph of a Graph

A. Keshavarz, B. O'Donoghue.

Optimal Investment Strategy of an Informed Trader in the Presence of a Positive Market Shock

A. Keshavarz.

Optimal Trading Strategy of an Informed Trader in the Presence of an Arbitrageur

A. Keshavarz.

Face detection using information fusion

P. Aarabi, J. Lam, A. Keshavarz.

Sound localization-based navigational user interfaces

A. Keshavarz, P. Aarabi.

Smart home care network using sensor fusion and distributed vision-based reasoning

A. Maleki Tabar, A. Keshavarz, H. Aghajan.

Distributed vision-based reasoning for smart home care

A. Keshavarz, A. Maleki Tabar, H. Aghajan.